Friday, 19 August 2011

Scottish Youth Climbing Championships- 28th May 2011

I went into the Scottish finals really psyched to compete as I have won this before and knew my competition very well. The top 5 climbers from each category in the MCofS Youth Climbing Series are invited along to take part, as are all Scottish GB team members. There is also an open category for 17-19 year olds.

After seeing our routes I was slightly less fired up but still ready and when I heard we were on boulders first I couldn’t wait to begin. I got on the first one and finished it without even feeling the holds properly. I did the same on the second. The third was a bit more difficult and I was on it first. I spent 5 minutes planning it out thoroughly.

When I got on I realised I had little to worry about, the holds were small and quite sloppy but they were my specialty. The only bit that I struggled on was getting my balance right as that was crucial for the sequence. I managed it on my first go and it turns out I was the only one to actually complete it. That got me really excited for the routes. I got on the first one and found it as easy as the boulders. I struggled more on the second route, although I really shouldn’t have. I got the sequence wrong and therefore fell off the route, but I still managed to get the highest up. I did manage to do it first go after the comp. The third route was surprisingly easy compared to the second and I managed it with ease.

Then we went on to do the finals, where I was the last person out of isolation.

I got on the route and fell over half way up. The second I reached the ground I was swarmed by my friends who told me I had got the furthest on the route and therefore won. I was overwhelmed with happiness after a brilliant day.

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