Thursday, 19 May 2011

Ratho Training Weekend

A short roundup by Tom Bonnert of a recent weekend up at Ratho in preperation for the first European Cup. The small team from the peak area consisted of Sam Brannigan, Luke Tilley, Ed Hamer and Tom.

After the long trip up from Sheffield the day before we turned up at Ratho on the Saturday. All feeling really psyched to send some hard routes. The trip up was preparation for the first round of the EYC’s being held at EICA. (Edinburgh International Climbing Arena)

Our first day was all about the on sights to start off with. After a comp style warm up we hit the competition wall. There was plenty of hard routes to go at, all the way up to 8b. The first day had some good routes sent and everyone was looking strong and climbing really well. After the on sights it was time for some high end endurance. First day finished with everyone feeling fairly shattered. There was definitely some sore skin.

Second day we were back on the on sights at the beginning of the day. Routes that were not attempted on the day before were tried on the second day. Some really good on sights were ticked on this day by Ed and Luke who both on sighted several 8a+s and Ed on sighting the only 8b in the centre, Sam and Tom both sent an 8a each. Towards the end of the session it was time for some low end endurance which we did until the end of the days session.

Overall Route Tally



















Sunday, 15 May 2011

Peak EYC Preparation

Everything is kicking off in the peak area in the run up to the Ratho European Youth Cup, Tom Randall did a fantastic job setting some competition style routes up to 8a+ at The Edge in Sheffield. We all had 3 routes to have an onsight attempt on and we had the customers of the wall watching in awe. Particular good effort from Billy fighting all the way through a spicey 7c+ and Ed for flashing all 3 routes!
This week there will be a second comp practice session going on at The Foundry, Sheffield, where an international route setting course has been held in preparation for the setting at the EYC, what better preparation could we ask for!
Big thanks to Tom for his setting and the Edge for hosting the routes and training.