Friday, 8 April 2011

YCS round 2

Saturday 2nd April

Fellow GB team member Angus Davidson had a sore elbow at the second round of the South Scotland Youth Climbing Series. That meant I had to demonstrate 18 routes ranging from grade 4+ for the first 8-10 route to 7a+ for the 14-16 boys final route. In addition as we were using the same routes for top rope and lead there were 5 ropes to set. When I wasn’t roped in I was trying to study for a Chemistry exam that I had on Monday. Multi tasking indeed.

This event was being held in the Pleasance Tower and Rock rooms, part of Edinburgh University’s Centre for Sport and Excellence. When the Quickdraw Climbing Club had organised a special pre-comp visit for its members a couple of weeks ago (no under 16s are allowed in unless it is an organised group) it seemed really small so we were worried a) about how all the climbers and spectators would fit in and b) how the route setters would be able to sort out the pack. We needn’t have worried. Alan Cassidy and Mike Jeans did a brilliant job and the separate rooms for the boulders and routes meant everyone had plenty space. We still needed super finals for the boys and girls 8-10s and I heard that North Scotland needed the same. This means we are going to have some brilliant action at the Scottish Finals in May in this age group. I wonder how I would have done if I had started climbing at that age?

Next week I’ll be climbing in Spain with the ‘McGeek Squad’ at an MCofS supported training camp. So looking forward to seeing the guys again.

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