Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Siurana Round-up 23rd April 2011

Back from Spain after spending two weeks in Siurana. I think I did quite well for my first real international outdoor trip. The first week I just did mileage (ticked 23 routes 5+ to 7a+) and managed to onsight a 7a and a 7a+. Then in the second week I choose a project route. I had to choose between 4 routes, 2 7cs, a 7a onto a 7c, or a 7b+/7c. I choose the 7b+/7c called Papagora; it was graded 7b+ in the newer guide book, but in 2 other guide books it said 7c and Toni, the guy that bolted it, said it was 7c so I decided to take it as a 7c. I had 1 go working the start, another trying to get up to the crux in one (which I did easily) and one go on top rope on the crux with the help of Neil McGeachy shouting directions and advice. After the top rope I then went for the whole route Lead and managed it. I was really pleased because I had previously fallen off the route to the right called Mandargora (7b+) and injured my ankle. It took me a while after that to get past the fear of the run outs and falling and I was really happy when I managed to get past and power through on Papagora.

This was the first time I’ve really projected a route and it showed me that if you break things down, and keep at it, you can do things you’d never have thought possible before. I'd like to say a big thanks to Neil McGeachy for organising the trip and MCofS for supporting it and giving me the opportunity to experience such an amazing location.

Anyway back to EICA:Ratho tomorrow to help 6 little kids at our Club with their skills and then onto plastic for my own session; after Siurana its gonna be an interesting day :/

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