Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Team Assessment

Looking forward to the Assessment weekend on 26th March at Leeds Wall. Some great Seniors attending such as Dave Barrans, Adam Watson, Nat Berry to name a few. This will be the starting date to select and reinvigorate a new Senior Team.
Tom Randall will be organising the training on Sunday at the Depot and here we will be introducing the new Senior Team Coach, Martin Lindley a Sports Science lecturer from Loughborough University.
The Junior Team season doesn't really get going till May with the first EYS of the year to be held at Ratho, so the Team members once selected will be in full training mode till then. Ian Dunn (Team Manager), Tom Randall (Team Coach) and Carol Hayes (Team Physio) are also taking a very small group out to Imst, Austria in April (Ed Hamer, Luke Tilley, Edd Mowbray, Tara Hayes and Molly Thompson Smith) in preparation for the EYS's and the World Championships in Imst later this year.

The international competitions calendar can be found at;

The Youth C category can find the important Youth Colours in Imst and Arco on this site too. As they state, these events are Open so any young climbers from the UK can register for these events.


Caroline said...

Oops not doing very well at this blogging lark! Just asking if the junior team will have training on the sunday, and if so will it also be at the Depot or the Leeds wall.

Tim said...

As I understand it, all those selected, junior and senior, will train at the Depot on the Sunday